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b.WR @ Women's March 2019

b.WR @ Women's March 2019

This past weekend, we marched for our movement, #BEAWARE. It was incredible to be around such empowering women and feeling their love and energy.  

#BEAWARE was founded on the principle of breaking down stigma and having open conversations about topics that tend to be uncomfortable (but shouldn't be). By acknowledging the hard topics, we can get to a place of empathy and understanding to achieve the equality we march for. 

The Women's March gave us the chance to listen to several powerful women speak about breaking down the stigma in health, politics, human rights, and much more. We left feeling inspired and even more committed to standing by our bodies and our rights.

This marks b.WR's first Women's March and we can't wait to continue spreading awareness and supporting causes close to our hearts. 

See you there next year.